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1 February
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hey. my name is bri zine. a lot of people think i make something called "the bri zine" but this is not true. i make a zine called "motor city kitty". it began in the winter of 2005.

in past years i have made a shitload of other zines too, including culture shock (five issues), gnosis (eight issues), rose petals (two issues), secret groupie neglection (one time collab music zine), candy sugarless pleading protest (one timer), and i am now on the staff of a zine called "hello cleveland: this is scum & noise"- a local zine of just all kinds of randomness made by myself and my two close friends, johnny scumface and anarchy alex. the first issue is complete and the second is in the works.

i learned about zines when i was thirteen after my dad died. while going through his things i found copies of some old cleveland punk rock fanzines. i then found "zine scene" by francesca lia block and hilary carlip at my local library and before long i was on the way to making the first issue of culture shock.

in "motor city kitty" i write about my life, straight up. i stick to quarter-sized for the most part and try to keep it under 40 pages because i have a hard time filling that many pages in the amount of time i'd like to (i get impatient) and because i am not one for breaking laws and thus do not steal my copies. i have to rely on the way overpriced kinko's because i have yet to find a nice little copy shop around here that charges less. yea, it sucks, i know.

i do not think of "e-zines" as real zines. they are merely websites.

this journal is here just to promote my zines, join some communities, and write things down for my zine when i have them in mind.

as you can see, i also like to ramble...a lot.