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Feb. 13th, 2010


MCK #14

motor city kitty #14 is all done! yay!

32 pages, quarter-sized. $1 US/$2 international or trade (though i warn: i admittedly take awhile to send trades out. still, i love to read new things and have been getting better about this bad habit as of late, i think? i hope!)

this issue is slightly different from the past three. i'm lovingly referring to it as the "keep it posi" issue. it's all about my local punk community & bike scene, as well as teaching poetry to 4th & 7th graders, and trying to have hope/faith in a world that tells me not to.

comment here or email me at motorcity_kitty@yahoo.com if you'd like a copy!

x-posted a few spots, ya dig?

Feb. 10th, 2010


(no subject)

because finishing a zine is a joyous experience you want to share with everyone: MOTOR CITY KITTY #14 IS ALL DONE! i took a nap last night from 5 til 9 or so, and have been up since. i was reading for class until about 3 AM, to be fair. but i've spent the past five hours putting the finishing touches on this issue. it's probably the positive zine i've made since...ever, really. i actually wrote more than i could fit in the zine, so i can already start on #15 it seems (issue fifteen?! that just sounds crazy!)

pictures & details to soon follow. for now, i need to finish reading for class, go to said class, do more reading, and go to another class. it is gonna be one long day, but totally worth it. i may actually leave early just to make a copy of the zine (cuz i really love getting that first copy, sitting down and reading it all over.)

also: i'll be attending & tabling at the chicago zine fest, march 12th-13th. i'm seeing ted leo in cleveland the night before, and just found out the hood internet will be in chicago on the 13th so maybe i can convince amber & some other zinester friends to come out dancing once the fest is over.

Nov. 17th, 2009



i haven't even sent out any copies of the new zine yet and already i'm getting positive reactions about it just being. i gave copies to richard, andy and sarah at the "think tank for human beings in general" release party (a poetry chapbook richard wrote with his friend jordan. you should get a copy, seriously. it's $3, which you can paypal to richardwehrenbergjr@gmail.com. or email him and work something out) but i haven't heard a response from any of them yet. richard said in an email that he was reading it currently, and writing me a letter. i'm kind of hoping he hands said-letter to me in our fiction writing class today. though getting one in the mail (even if we have class together & he lives only a 15 minute bike ride or so away) would be fun, too. i'm just anxious to see what he has to say! my respect for richard has grown so much over this semester, and that might end up in my next zine a bit.

ah, yes, my next zine.

i can't believe i'm already thinking about it, let alone WORKING on it, with how long it took to complete this one. i guess that's how it worked last time 'round, too. it took me six months or so to complete MCK #11, and then i went and turned #12 out in about a month's time. once you get goin, you just can't stop sometimes, right?

yesterday i was silly and i slept from about 8 PM-11 PM. fell asleep after reading a short story my fiction writing professor wrote/self-published. i felt really honored when he gave me a copy of it. he even said he'd printed it, then forgotten it at home, so he turned around on his bike just to get it (yes, he travels to campus on a bike. how could this guy NOT be my hero?) the story made me cry. it's kind of strange when that boundary of professor and student gets broken and you become people as opposed to teacher/student. not bad strange! i love it. few professors have taken the chance to really cross that line with me, and i really appreciate it when they do. i think ted, my writing prof, and i became closer the second i broke down crying during one of our conferences earlier this semester. i felt pretty mortified, but he almost looked relieved, like here was someone so consumed with their writing, so passionate about it, and so frustrated with it that it brought them to tears. i've taken basically every creative writing course kent state has to offer now (actually, not basically. i have, indeed) and i have seen how few people really care. so many people take these classes as filler, or just for fun, or for an easy A. while that's fine and i totally understand, it's also really frustrating because i'm taking them because i feel compelled to. because i love writing. because i am considering going to graduate school for it. because it's my minor (since, unfortunately, kent doesn't offer a writing major. thus why i got stuck with english.) so i can only imagine, as a professor of one of these courses, how important moments like that- a student crying over their work- can be.

when ted handed me his short story he told me a bit about it. he was giving it to me because i have a tough time writing fiction. i pretty much end up writing non-fiction/memoirs (what a surprise, with my background in perzines!) he said how this story was generally comprised of truth. that he fictionalized what job the main character had, a few other things. but the heartbreak was real. the conversation about the new lowes shopping center was real. he sorta played around it like, "well, what is truth, anyway?" but i knew when i read it, i could tell this was his truth. and the fact that ted lyons is a human being and not just my professor hit really hard. how do we forget these things?! of course he is a human being! of course he has experienced heartache and death and longing and life in general.

i really hope he will be my friend and that we can write each other letters after all of this. i'm giving him a copy of my latest zine in class today, which makes me pretty nervous since i talk about things like being queer and masturbation and sexual abuse in it, but i hope he'll like it. i've brought in examples from zines like "doris" for presentations in class before, and have been trying to pinpoint the difference between the writing in zines and "regular" fiction and/or non-fiction writing. i kind of got the idea this semester that i might even like to go into studying the non-fiction literature of zines in graduate school, if i can find a school/program that would work with that, and maybe one day i could teach a course somewhere on the topic, using my own personal archive of zines since who knows if they'll even really be accessible that far along in the future (i sure hope so!!)

anyway. i was talking about how i took that silly nap. well, after waking up at 11 PM and realizing the grave mistake i'd made to nap so late in the evening, i decided to make the most out of it. i ended cleaning both of my typewriters, fixing the 'n' key on the one that kept sticking, and trying to fix the other that hasn't worked since i bought it (it won't grip the paper when i insert it. i found a troubleshooting guide that says the platen- a.k.a. the roller- might just be too old and needs a good sanding, so i'm going to try that later if i get the chance.) then i wrote fifteen pages (already quarter-size, that is) for issue fourteen on my now smoothly running smith-corona. FIFTEEN PAGES?! that's insane! i stayed up all night. i haven't slept yet. during my french class this morning i wrote about five more pages in my journal about teaching poetry. that piece isn't even done yet. me thinks issue fourteen might end up being pretty long.

i suppose i should go finish my short story for class, though. it has to be near complete & copied by 2:15. i'm also going to copy two pages from the latest "doris" to handout to the class, because cindy made a little comic about writing that i think everyone might find interesting.

this entry is so long! you see, i just can't seem to stop writing. since last friday, i feel so happy and hopeful about everything, and like i could just talk for hours about how great the world can be. i know that will probably wear off soon, when the weather finally catches up with the season and i've got to wear my big winter coat and moonboots again. at least i learned last winter how much more bearable the ohio winter is when your toes aren't freezing the whole time. i have that to look forward to again.

i've been listening to these bands on a steady rotation. you should too:

Nov. 15th, 2009


(no subject)

hey guess what!
i finally did it!

32 pages / quarter-sized / $1 ($2 international)

it took me nearly a year to make a new zine so i'm feelin pretty proud of this right now. it's all written on a typewriter and pasted together by hand. it mostly discusses gender, identity, being queer, summer romances, writing letters, and making/having goals. plus there are some of the illustrations from my summer art project/blog, miss teen ohio, in it.

the cover & sample pagesCollapse )

email motorcity_kitty@yahoo.com or leave a comment for info on how to get a copy!

Apr. 24th, 2009


(no subject)

i should be sleeping. i have an exam at 1 PM and its 6 AM now. but answering interview questions amber sent me for the next issue of "fight boredom" seems so much cooler!

i feel so zinetastic lately. "motor city kitty" issues 11 and 12 are going to be carried at both learning to leave a paper trail distro and marching stars distro.

i was on zinecore radio #9 today (www.blogtalkradio.com/thezineshow) discussing the business of zines.

i've been sending trades out in a decent amount of time.

i just answered these questions for amber and am gonna make a page for the zine too.

i'm starting issue #13 of MCK. i haven't worked on a zine since december!

this is all really exciting to me so i had to share here because i don't think my nonzinester friends quite understand how happy this all makes me. i mean, i've been making zines for nearly ten years and have always felt like my zines have only reached a very small group of people. not that zines are about having your stuff read by the masses or getting your name out there, but its kinda cool to feel so involved in the community lately.

Mar. 23rd, 2009


(no subject)

i've owed letters and zines for sooo long to so many people! today i sent out 18 (!!!) packages to the following people:

-the other participants in the we make zines mini zine swap (which #12 was made for)
-lisa mae undead/yourinsanehoney
-ciara xyerra/ciaradistro for learning to leave a paper trail distro consideration
-dj, trent and jamie/tinkberbell917 (mck club members)

hope all the packages arrive safely! samantha/ohmydearheart i still owe you zines, too! once again, i couldn't remember or find your address. i suck!

Dec. 20th, 2008


(no subject)

its been two months since i've updated here, apparently. far too long!

cross posted to wemakezines:

it took me about a month after completing motor city kitty #11 to finally go make copies of it. things have just been so busy. i don't know why i get so ambitious about zines when i know i'm not always gonna have the time to devote to them (probably because zines are true love.)

i know i owe some people trades, or zines for subscribers. here's the list of people i know i owe zines to. if you're not on it but believe you should be, let me know. sometimes i lose track of envelopes and letters and things.

amber (as i always send you my zines)
maranda (i think you sent me a "telegram ma'am" awhile back for trade)
samantha c. (i've owed you zines for so long!!)
jamie (subscriber)
emily c. (sent money for a copy)
david smuhl (traded for "cloud factory")
matt holdaway (owed a trade since summer)
jolie noggle (traded for riot grrrl zine/mrs. noggle)
trent m. (subscriber)
dj (subscriber)

i also just found an envelope thats probably a year old that has some canadian stamps and coins in it, along with a letter saying its for the latest issue of my zine- however there's no return address on the envelope or within the letter. perhaps this is why i never sent the zine. hopefully the email address is right.

i am suuuucccchhhh a procrastinator and should never be allowed to trade or have subscribers. from now on, no more subscribers, and i'm gonna try to get carried by some distros so that my zines can be sold through them exclusively. i feel so bad when i make you guys wait months :(

hope everyone is doing well!

Oct. 20th, 2008


(no subject)

finished up issue eleven yesterday! its 32 pages, quarter sized and all about bike rides, train tracks, friends, sexual abuse, my queer identity and more. if you'd like a copy, its $2 or we can maybe trade (depending how many trades i end up doing here and how much money i have.) get in touch...comment or email (motorcity_kitty@yahoo.com)

Oct. 15th, 2008


(no subject)

its happened again. i tried to make a split zine but the other zinester hasn't come through with their half. "motor city kitty" #11 has been sitting since july, waiting to be published. its been so long that some of the things i wrote aren't even completely relevant anymore, or i've made new discoveries that change the way i thought about these things. i've tried contacting chrissy studmuffin a ton of times over the past few months and still, no reply. so i'm going ahead and publishing the issue on its own. i guess if she really still wants to make a split it will just have to be with my next issue.

i only had half a zine so i need to fill up some more pages, but i started working on editing it last night. hopefully it will be done within a week or two. those of you with subscriptions will be the first to read it, i promise!

Aug. 5th, 2008


(no subject)

i've got three hours left to finish my 24 hour zine project, and only four pages left to fill (which includes an outro page! woo!) i'm pretty proud of what i've completed thus far. the only thing is...my roommate is still sleeping so i can't use my typewriter! sad faces! but i guess i should get back to work.

its called "the art of conversation with yourself" (which i made one issue of before for the gleaner zine swap.) i'll post about it either late tonight or tomorrow because i have to copy it right before work tonight.

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